Set up by sisters Elizabeth and Emma, Artisanne was created out of their love for traditional Senegalese baskets. These baskets are sourced from near Thi├Ęs in Senegal, where they have been skilfully crafted by the women in the villages. 

The baskets sold by Artisanne combine the traditional weaving techniques seen in Senegal, with modern designs to provide storage solutions that are as elegant as they are practical. These traditional baskets are made from an eco-friendly material called ndiorokh grass. 

Artisanne baskets are of the highest-quality with some taking several days to create. Each basket is meticulously checked in Senegal, and once again in the UK to ensure customers are always satisfied. Artisanne also pride themselves on heeding customer feedback, which can be seen by the inclusion of new, elegant leather handles on all the new Alibaba baskets, that are braided by hand.

Bathroom Storage

Artisanne Oval Basket

Artisanne Baby Baba Basket

Artisanne Round Laundry Basket

Artisanne Extra Large Alibaba Basket

Artisanne Small Round Storage Basket

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