We stock a varied range of bathing products including luxury toiletries, wash bags, shower caps, kimonos, towels, brushes etc...

Some of our products are shown below and we'll be adding to the examples shown. In addition we also stock pretty accessories and toiletries from suppliers like Cath Collins, Branche d'Olive, The Present Company, Small beginnings, Dilly Daydream, Anthony Steuart and Paddy (Click here for a list of manufacturers with links). Paddy bins can customised to your requirements.

Or better still why not come in to our Tenterden, Kent bathroom showroom to see the vast range of beautiful bathroom products we supply.

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Manuel Canovas



150x150_fitbox-anse_turquoise_bottle_box_.jpg 150x150_fitbox-ballade_verte_bottle_box_c.jpg 150x150_fitbox-l_ile_bleue.jpg 150x150_fitbox-pink_riviera_bottle_box_cm.jpg 150x150_fitbox-route_mandarine_bottle_box_.jpg
Anse Turquoise Ballade Verte L'ile Bleue Pink Riviera Route Mandarin

Ruth Mastenbroek

"Scent is my life. This fragrance is the essence of my art. It is my signature", Ruth Mastenbroek - Read more...

150x150_fitbox-ruth_mastenbroek_diffuser_box_.jpg 150x150_fitbox-ruth_mastenbroek_bath_and_shower_cream_box_.jpg 150x150_fitbox-ruth_mastenbroek_candle_box_.jpg 150x150_fitbox-ruth_mastenbroek_eau_de_parfum_100_box_.jpg
Diffuser - Boxed Bath and shower cream - Boxed Candle - Boxed Eau de Parfum - Boxed

Romney Marsh Wool

Local and hand made products from a wonderful local supplier - Read more...

romney_marsh_wool.jpg 150x150_fitbox-romney_marsh_wool_soap.jpg 150x150_fitbox-romney_marsh_wool_minis_organza.jpg
Selection Soap Presentation pack

D'Orsay Paris

150x150_fitbox-intense_male_le_dandy.jpg 150x150_fitbox-intense_femme_la_dandy.jpg 150x150_fitbox-intense_le_nomade.jpg 150x150_fitbox-l_intrigante_hd_1_.jpg
Intense Male Le Dandy Intense Femme La Dandy Intense Le Nomade L'intrigante

150x150_fitbox-intemporelle_arome_3.jpg 150x150_fitbox-intemporelle_tilleul.jpg 150x150_fitbox-intemporelle_etiquette_bleue.jpg 150x150_fitbox-intemporelle_chevalier_dorsay.jpg
Intemporelle Arome Intemporelle Tilleul Intemporelle Etiquette Bleue Intemporelle Chevalier Dorsay

150x150_fitbox-home_bois_de_coton.jpg 150x150_fitbox-home_feuilles_de_the_epice.jpg 150x150_fitbox-home_feuilles_de_tomate1.jpg 150x150_fitbox-home_fleurs_de_tilleul.jpg
Home Bois de Coton Home Feuilles de The Epice Home Feuilles de Tomate Home Fleurs de Tilleul

Soap selection

We stock a range of soaps, particularly natural soaps sourced from local suppliers wherever possible.

150x150_fitbox-natural_pumice_stone.jpg 150x150_fitbox-natural_soap.jpg Romney Marsh Wools - Natural soaps
Pumice Stones Natural Handmade Soap Romney Marsh Wools
Natural soaps

Dilly Daydream

Wonderful quirky designs from Dilly Daydream -


Dragonflies Wild Thing
Marie Antoinette Dragonflies Wild Thing

Cath Collins & Branche d'Olive

100x100_fitbox-bath_elixir_complete_jd.jpg 250x250_fitbox-bath_elixir_box_jd_72dpi_cath_colins.jpg 150x150_fitbox-aromatic_sticks.jpg 200x200_fitbox-soaps.jpg
Cath Collins Bath Elixir 100ml Cath Collins Bath Elixir 3 x 30ml Branche d'Olive Aromatic Sticks Branche d'Olive Soap Selection