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A pestemal is a hand woven cotton or linen towel which can also be used as a wrap or as a towel or beach towel. Popular in Turkish baths (haman) and pre-dating the Roman Empire, the pestemel is enjoying a renaissance, adds a chic look to any bathroom and is perfect for your summer holiday beach-wear.

Light to pack and quick to dry, it suits the beach, the spa and other leisure activities.

Available at The Bathrom Shop in Tenterden, Kent in 6 - 7 colours Pestemal's also make great sarongs, are useful around the house as a throw or even as a tablecloth!

Incredibly versatile and available in a range of pastel designs!


A smaller version of the pestemal which is generally used as a hand towel. Hand woven silk peskir and pestemal were much favoured by the Ottomans and remain as popular today.

Banana stitch towels

Although 'mux Orgu' literally translates as 'banana stitch', for many knitters the weave resembles a rice stitch. A banana stitch towel is a textured towel and, like BHL Bodrum Havlu own-label towels, they have been created for absorbency.

Being lighter in weight than the soft twist and bamboo collections it is a great choice where storage space is limited. It's particularly popular with yacht owners for this very reason.

Tasselled (Sacakli) towel

At the end of the nineteenth century the loop pile of modern day towels was introduced. A circa 1950 loom continues to weave approximately 80 French Jaquarli design bath towels a week. The woven towels then have the threads hand tied giving a beatiful traditional tasselled finish.

In the history of Turkish towel manufacturing this towel lies somewhere between the completely hand woven pestemal and the more contemporary loop pile designs.

Thick and luxurious, the more this towel is used the better it gets!

We have a wide selection of quality unusual towel, bathrobe and linen items perfect for gifts or for any time of year. Call in for more information.

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