Ortigia Sicilia

Ortigia Sicilia

Ortigia Sicilia toiletries, evoking the sights, sounds and scents of the wonderful Mediterranean Island of Sicily.

In 2006 Sue Townsend (one of the founding owners of Crabtree & Evelyn in the 1970s) founded Ortigia to produce a range of toiletries formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily. As a result her soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions are shamelessly evocative of the aesthetics, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region.

This beautiful part of the world is steeped in Mediterranean culture and history with Orange and Lemon groves adorning the hillsides and wildflowers in abundance everywhere, the inspiration for this range of exotic toiletries. Based on the heady scents of Zagara – Orange Blossom; Lime di Sicilia – Sicilian Lime; Melograno – Pomegranate; Lavanda – Lavender; Fico d’India; and Mandorla – Almond they are simply wonderful and a must have for your bathroom.

All the way from Sicily to us here in Tenterden and into your bathroom, drift off to the Mediterranean with Ortigia toiletries from The Bathroom Shop!

Ortigia Sicilia Florio Hand Cream Ortigia Sicilia Florio Body Cream Ortigia Sicilia - Zagara Bath Oil Ortigia Sicilia - Parfum Bergamotto
Ortigia Hand Cream - Florio Ortigia Body Cream - Florio Ortigia Zagara Bath Oil Ortigia Parfum - Bergamotto

bodycream300_lime.jpg bodycream300_zagara.jpg diffuser1.jpg diffuser21.jpg
Body Cream - Lime Body Cream - Orange Blossom Ortigia Diffuser Ortigia Diffuser

diffuser_mandorla.jpg handcream_lime.jpg lime_acqua.jpg lime_after_shave_100ml.jpg
Diffuser - Mandorla Hand Cream - Lime Cologne - Lime After-shave - Lime

ovalset_mandorla_new.jpg perfume_oils_zagara.jpg roomessence_almond_white.jpg soapboxes40g_mandorla_new.jpg
Ortigia Oval Collection Perfume Oil - Zagara Room Essence - Almond Oval Soaps - Mandorla

lime_bath_oil.jpg mandorla_liquid_soap.jpg new_zagarabathoil.jpg ortigia_mandorla_bath_salts.jpg
Bath Oil - Lime Liquid Soap - Mandorla Bath Oil - Orange Blossom Bath Salts - Mandorla

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