Natural sponges

Beautiful natural sponges from the Bahamas and East Mediterranean - Responsibly farmed and sourced.

Natural sponge

It's true, there really is no alternative to the natural sponge! These sustainably farmed and sourced natural sponges are all unique with each species having their own unique qualities too. Being natural every sponge is different but they are all gentle, absorbent and remarkably hard wearing for something that looks so delicate.

Natural Honeycomb sponge

Honeycomb sponge (Hippospongia Communis)

A great sponge for gentle exfoliation as part of your normal beauty routine.

Fina Silk natural sponges

Fina Silk (Spongia Officinalis)

The softest natural sponges with the smoothest surface. Ideal for the application and removal of cosmetics they are also perfect for applying moisturisers before shaving.

Sea Wool natural sponges

Sea Wool (Hippospongia Lachnae)

With a more open habit this sponge is highly absorbent but remains soft to the touch when wet. Another natural gentle exfoliator.

Grass natural sponges

Grass (Spongia Gramminae)

Absorbent sponges but more hard wearing, the perfect natural sponge for the whole family.