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We specialise in accessories and offer a wide range in Chrome, Antique Gold, Silver Nickel, Satin Nickel and Stainless Steel, from such companies as Samuel Heath, Inda, Pom D’or, Waterfront, Lefroy Brooks, BC Sanitan, Miller from Sweden, BlissHome, Wireworks, Homestyle Bathrooms, Goodwood Bathrooms and many others.

We will be adding more pictures to this site but in the meantime do come in to our bathroom showroom in Tenterden, Kent and see what we can offer.

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Vintage by Hemingway - Bathroom storage

RomanticSoapDispenser.jpg RomanticSoapDish.jpg RomanticToothbrushHolder.jpg RomanticToiletBrush.jpg
"Romantic" Soap Dispenser "Romantic" Soap Dish "Romantic" Toothbrush Holder "Romantic" Toilet Brush

Miller from Sweden - Classic Baskets

150x150_fitbox-miller_2011_016.jpg 150x150_fitbox-miller_2011_021.jpg 150x150_fitbox-miller_2011_020.jpg 150x150_fitbox-primary_651_652c.jpg
Shower Shelf Shower Basket Three Tier Oval Basket Small Corner Baskets

Miller from Sweden - Selection of Light Pulls

150x150_fitbox-lightpull_690c_white.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lightpull_695c_white.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lightpull_699c_white.jpg 150x150_fitbox-ligtpull_691c_white.jpg
Light Pull, Chrome Light Pull, Chrome Chrome and Solid Dark Oak, Conical Light Pull, Chrome

Miller from Sweden - Mirrors

150x150_fitbox-classic_642c_path_main.jpg 150x150_fitbox-classic_680c_path_main.jpg 150x150_fitbox-classic_688c_path_main.jpg 150x150_fitbox-classic_8781c_path_main.jpg
Framed Swivel, polished bevelling, Chrome Finish Stockholm Wall Mounted Extendng 3 x mag mirror Table Mirror Wall Mounted Extendng 3 x mag mirror

Lefroy Brooks

Edwardian Accessories - See more Lefroy Brooks

150x150_fitbox-lb4507.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb4931.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb49451.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb4949.jpg
Classic Large Bore Stove Enamelled Towel Bar Edwardian Towel Ring Edwardian Dog Bone Paper Holdre Edwardian Double Towel Rail

Lefroy Brooks

Classic Accessories- See more Lefroy Brooks

150x150_fitbox-lb4506.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb4502_.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb4516.jpg 150x150_fitbox-lb4933.jpg
Classic Circular Real Sponge Basket Classic Fine Bone China Mug and Holder Classic Free Standing Fine Bone China Soap Dish Edwardian China Mug and Holder

Samuel Heath - Xenon Accessories

150x150_fitbox-samuel_heath_products_accessories_158.jpg 150x150_fitbox-samuel_heath_products_accessories_177.jpg 150x150_fitbox-n5032_robe_hook.jpg 150x150_fitbox-samuel_heath_products_accessories_174.jpg


360º Storage

Double Towel Rail Robe Hook Towel Ring

Samuel Heath - Novis Accessories

150x150_fitbox-magazine_rack_roll_holder.jpg 150x150_fitbox-samuel_heath_products_accessories_102.jpg 150x150_fitbox-illuminated_elblow_arm_mirror.jpg 150x150_fitbox-samuel_heath_products_accessories_114.jpg
Magazine Rack & Roll Holder Grab Bar Illuminated Elbow Arm Mirror Wall Mounted Toilet Brush 

The Present Company

150x150_fitbox-present_company_anali_shell.jpg 150x150_fitbox-present_company_tulipa.jpg 150x150_fitbox-present_company_lavender.jpg 150x150_fitbox-present_company_agapanthas_towels.jpg
Anali Shell Tulipa Lavender Agapanthas

Anthony Steuart

Orla Kiely


150x150_fitbox-bin.jpg Orla Kiely - Bath Mats 150x150_fitbox-60bmduck_1_.jpg
A selection of bins, trays & tissue box covers Colourful Bath Mats Duckie Bath Mat

Brush selection / Loofah pads

250x250_fitbox-walnut_brushes.jpg 150x150_fitbox-loofah_body_pads.jpg 150x150_fitbox-nailbrush.jpg 150x150_fitbox-facialbrush.jpg
Walnut Wood Bath Brushes Facial and Nail Loofah Face and Body Pads Selection of nail brushes

Facial Brush