• Aqata Spectra SP456 Corner option

    Beautiful design from Aqata. Clear 8mm glass, toughened of course, with a frameless hinged door and polished chrome fittings.

  • Labette

    Labette Mini Bath

  • Dynsetstar bath

    Kaldewei Dyna Set Star Shower Bath

  • Lb3 Bath

    Laufen Lb3 Bath

  • Imperial Bentley

    Imperial Bathrooms Bentley Double Ended Cast Iron Bath

  • Imperial Shereton

    Imperial Bathrooms Sheraton Cast Iron Double Ended Slipper Bath

  • Majestic-Huron

    Majestic Huron Bath Screen with single wall hinged leaf

  • Majestic-Genoa

    Majestic Genoa Curved Bath Screen with single wall hinged leaf


    Majestic Valletta Bath Screen with in-line panel and hinged leaf

  • Majestic Portofino

    Majestic Portofino Corner Enclosure with in-line panel, glass hinged door and return

  • Majestic Mono

    Majestic Mono Single Door with minimal framework

  • Majestic-Maine-Alcove

    Majestic Maine Alcove with wall hinged door

  • Majestic Vigo

    Majestic Vigo Alcove with in-line panel and sliding door

  • Majestic Cadiz

    Majestic Cadiz Corner Enclosure with wall hinged door and return

  • Majestic Napoli

    Majestic Napoli Alcove with center door and two in-line panels

We offer a wide range of shower enclosures, bath screens and baths including Aqata, Majestic, Aquaplus Elements, Simpsons, Kudos, Bette, Kaldewei, Victoria & Albert and Imperial Bathrooms to name just a few of our quality suppliers.

A small selection on display in our showroom includes La Bette and Kaldewei Dynasetstar baths both made from steel enamel, Aqata, Majestic and Kudos shower enclosures.

We also supply Versital®, an innovative resin-based solid surface material available in over 80 colours and various finishes. Read more...




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